Saturday, November 24, 2012

Packing, packing and more packing!

So on Saturday Sept. 29th, I tearfully left Michigan and headed home for a few days before flying to Germany.
I arrived around 10 on Saturday and went straight to get my hair cut. And guess what I did?!?
 I chopped it off! I took at least 8 inches off. I'm sad to see my long hair go, but this will be easier to deal with. My hair was really stinking long!
Then my new do, my family and myself went to our favorite restaurant with our favorite people! (We went to Il Sogno in Wheaton with our friends the Erdelyi's)! It was a nice first day back at home.
Then on Sunday we had our pictures taken by a girl I went to high school with Cassie. My cousin Matt is currently editing them but here is one as a sneak peek.
We look decent right? These were the first family pictures we've taken since I was an infant. Ha. My family sucks :)
So that was Sunday. Well the most exciting part of Sunday really.
Monday I started pulling out clothes to pack. Ugh. Sadly Dad had to head to Michigan on Monday for work. So I said good-bye to him a few days early. He didn't think they would make it back in time to see me off. But that's okay. I'll see him in about a month when he comes to visit Oma!
The good thing about my dad being gone, I actually had somewhere to sleep. My bed was somewhere under a huge pile of clothes... So my dad's side of the bed was mine for the next couple of nights.
Tuesday was about the same. Going through my clothes to decide what to pack. Going through all of the stuff I brought home from Michigan. Trying to figure life out.
Wednesday I got myself all packed in just a few hours. Mom was quite amazed. The only thing I needed was a few space bags, to pick up some pictures I ordered, and lunch! We got the space bags and pictures. In the process of packing I found a photos gift card so we headed there for lunch. Sadly they had lost power so mom and I had to resort to something else. I think we just went back home, but I honestly can't remember.
Anyway... I finished packing. I tidied up my packing mess a little bit. I skyped Alycia, Little Miss and Tipter. And I did some last minute crafting :)
I ate a quick dinner, and then we were off to the airport. We found the kiosk and checked all 3 of my bags.
And then we said good-bye. By taking pictures :)

Yes, I am very much aware that my mother is a diva :)
From there I headed back through security (where I was stopped because some the big ziploc of pictures looked funny on the x-ray), and then on to my gate. I grabbed a bottle of water and a little snack on the way. I called my daddy, and then boarded my flight. They checked my carry-on bag, which was totally fine with me. One less thing to haul around.
The flight was fine. I slept through 80% of it. I only woke up for meals and landing. My tv didn't work, which helped the sleeping situation. It was pretty relaxing.
I landed in London and headed towards my connecting flight. It wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered. I have flown through Heathrow a few times now and it was absolutely awful. But it was fine. The only issues I had was I couldn't buy anything because they have a different currency, and I wasn't going to exchange money for just the one lay-over. So I sat there and read my book. The other issue was they don't post where you gate is until 20 minutes before boarding. That just seems weird to me. But it worked out just fine.
The plane ride was uneventful, which is a good thing. I read my book and listened to music. We landed in Stuttgart and I started getting butterflies in my stomach (from excitement of course). I went through passport check and found my bags. I wheeled the cart through the doors and was tackled by Sabrina :)
We hugged for about a minute, and her dad took my cart for me. They led me to the car, and we somehow got all my bags in. And we were off. I was officially in Germany. I was going back to one of my many homes in this world :)

Lots of love from Germany!

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