Monday, December 3, 2012

My first few days back in Germany :)

We pulled into Adelberg and man did it feel good to be home :)
Sabrina and I grabbed my carry-on bag and took that upstairs while her dad oh so kindly, and amazingly got my bags into Sabrina's car.
There was spaghetti was waiting for us to eat it alllll up. After dinner and showers, Sabrina and I watched some shows and then went to bed. I slept the whole night through without a problem.
Friday morning we headed back to Schwäbisch Gmünd so Sabrina could pick up more international students and I could unpack and move in.
I was pretty impressed by how much room I actually had left in my room after getting all of my clothes and things unpacked. I was glad to have Sabrina's help every once in a while. She was meeting the 3 boys coming from Thailand and so she was kind of running around like a crazy person. We had pizza for lunch and continued with our craziness.
I spent the night at her apartment because I really didn't like the thought of being pretty much alone in the wohnheim.
The next day the other girl from GV, Dayna, was arriving. We had talked pretty much all summer and had met up once before she left for Germany (in August because she was taking a language course in another city during September). So I considered us friends.
Sabrina and I had to run some last minute errands in the morning, so we did those, and then headed to the wohnheim to say hi to Dayna before we headed back to Adelberg for the rest of the weekend. I felt bad for leaving Dayna on her first weekend there, but I really didn't want to spend my first weekend reunited with my best friend away from her :)
So back off to Adelberg Sabrina and I went! We spent the weekend catching up, sleeping, eating wonderful home-cooked meals, and watching Grey's Anatomy. :) I'm hoping to get her caught up real soon!
We were in Adelberg until Monday afternoon when we headed back to good old SG!

Hope to get all caught up here really soon!

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