Sunday, December 9, 2012

16.10-21.10: First week of classes!

On Tuesday I had my first day of classes at the PH! It was exciting and nerve racking all at once.
Tuesdays I have two classes, my language class and an English class called "The Introduction to the Teaching of English" taught by none other than Herr Reiner Kornetta :)
So when it came time for our language class on Tuesday afternoon, Dayna and I had decided to try the lower level class instead of the one we were pretty sure would be over our heads. Well on our way to the class Frau Kimmel said it would be a beginner's class. Not the middle kind of class we had thought she said it would be. So off to the hard class we went. Well that was a bust too. We were in over our heads. The class was scheduled from 4-7:30. That's a long time to have to think about everything the professor is saying. The first two hours were exhausting. I was so glad I got to escape early to go to my English class.
The intro to the teaching of English class with Kornetta. Oh man. So I walked in, a minute late (because of my language class)(sorry Kornetta) and of course it's in a huge, packed full, lecture hall. Well Kornetta sees me walk in and first thing he does is yell "What are YOU doing here?" and then tries to push me out of the classroom. Not the warm welcome I was expecting, but it made me giggle. Eventually he decided to let me stay and I found a random seat off to the side. But now that I was there, and they all knew I was an American, I could feel all eyes on me for the rest of the class. It didn't help that Kornetta would ask me to define every other word and ask me my opinion on everything. It was a fun class regardless.
I headed back to Sabrina's place for dinner.
And of course I have to share some of our first day of school pictures :)

On Wednesday, Bert, Sabrina, Dayna and myself didn't have class/class was cancelled/just didn't go to class (mine was cancelled Mom...) which was nice. We decided to go to the park and play :)

That night there was a champagne toast and bar crawl (that ended at a club) hosted by the school. So Sabrina, Dayna, Bert and myself headed downtown in a very very very crowded bus and went to the Rathaus. There we got free champagne and the mayor said a little speech, wishing us well in our studies this semester. Somehow our table turned into the table to put empty glasses on, so we had fun with it and made a face :)
Cheers! Here's to a wonderful semester together!

This was very early on in our face making...
After we had had our fill of champagne we headed outside where had a little picture session :)

Then groups started forming for the bar crawl. We just picked a direction and ended up with the rest of the internationals! And Dayna's feet hurt so Sabrina was nice enough to give her a piggy back ride :)

We stopped at 3 or 4 bars. At the last one I ordered a tequila sunrise. Yum. It was good. I really wanted a strawberry margarita, but they were all out. Nuts. Oh well. I got to try something new (hand picked by Bert :) )
After the bars we went to a club across town where we danced the night away. But literally. We were there until like 2:30 am. We would have left much earlier because of the awful music. But the music suddenly got better.  Then we made the really stinking stupid healthy and smart decision to walk the whole way home. It took FOREVER. It was all uphill. I thought I was going to pass out (thank you asthma). But we survived, just barely. Our feet (and my lungs) were not happy with us, but we sure worked off all caloric intake from the alcohol :)
I got home, flopped down on my bed, and didn't wake up until 12 the next day.  I had my translations class (again with Kornetta) at 4 pm so that was my only class of the day (this week...). The translations class is for students who are preparing to take their written English exam. In the exam they have to translate 2 texts, one from English to German and the other German to English. This class is all about translating texts. Dayna and I both decided to try this class. And it's Kornetta, so that makes it fun.
On Friday I had my first day of my Praktikum (it's similar to an internship, but in a school, and it is not as much work). I was placed at Hardt Grundschule in a second grade class. There were 6 students from the PH plus another international, and myself. We spent our two hours there observing and helping the kids out. I was very worried about it, and it was better but not better than I expected. I wouldn't be required to teach a lesson which was good. And I was able to somewhat help the kids, also good. But I wasn't able to help them as much as I should. They were working with a story and there were portions I didn't understand. I felt awful when a kid asked me a question or tried to talk to me and I had no idea what they were saying. I had trouble keeping up with the teacher and other PH students when they were talking. So as much as I enjoyed it, I decided to talk to Frau Kimmel about placing me in another school where the rest of the internationals are. The teacher there does an English lesson during the Praktikum each Friday.
When I was done with my Praktikum, Sabrina and I headed back to good old Adelberg for the weekend. We had to stop at the store and pick up food for the weekend, plus all the ingredients we needed for Dayna's birthday cake.
Saturday and Sunday were spent baking and cooking. We made baked mac and cheese for lunch (it was okay, not as good as Hannah's tho :) ) and started working on Dayna's cake. I had found a Martha Stewart recipe for a devil's chocolate cake that looked good. The batter tasted great. We put it in the oven. And it wouldn't firm up. The middle was complete mush. We obviously didn't use enough flour (really missing American baking measurements), but with some chocolate frosting it looked okay. But the chocolate frosting.... It hardened. Really fast. Like we couldn't get the sprinkles on fast enough. We tried some nontraditional methods to warm the frosting enough for the sprinkles to stick, but that just made a mess. Eventually I decided we had to add some simple white frosting to it. The cake ended up looking okay, considering our problems.
We also made cheesy biscuit bombs and alfredo sauce. Both were pretty tasty :)
 It was a good weekend full of good food and fun together :)

Lots of love from Germany!

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