Sunday, December 9, 2012

30.10-31.10: Shortened week!

This week I only had class on Tuesday and Wednesday. Both days of classes were nothing special.
Tuesday night there was another school-sponsored party, the Ersti Party. If you have been reading since the summer then you might remember me going to an Ersti Party in May. Well this semester was not as much, the music wasn't as good, there weren't as many people. All in all not as good as this summer. But it was still nice to get out of the dorms and spend time with friends. It did make me miss all my friends from the summer though. Like I really missed them a lot on Tuesday night. Bert did not come with us this time because he was playing some sport. Such an athletic one that kid.

Thursday is a holiday so we don't have class, and the elementary schools have the whole week off for fall break, so nothing on Friday! Off to Adelberg we go on Thursday.

Lots of love from Germany!

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