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1.11-5.11: Bad Nauheim! :)

On Thursday around 11, Sabrina and I headed back to Adelberg for the day. The plan was to leave Friday morning and drive to Bad Nauheim to see my Oma, brother, niece, SIL and dad. But by the end of the night that was no longer in the cards. Sabrina's Opa ended up being rushed to the hospital because he was in serious pain and having a hard time breathing. Overall, a very scary night for the Binder family. We decided it would best to not leave Friday morning and to wait and see what the doctors say before making any more decisions.
Friday afternoon the doctors told us that it was just pain and they needed to find a better way to manage it. It was a relief to all. Sabrina and I called my Oma to let her know we would be arriving Saturday in the early afternoon. We spent the rest of the day watching movies and trying to keep Sabrina's mind off of her Opa.
Saturday we woke up, had some breakfast, and hit the road! The drive to Bad Nauheim took a little under 4 hours, so we arrived earlier than expected. I called Oma but she didn't pick up. So the two of us drove into town to try and find something to eat. Well good thing I totally forgot how to get around the town... I couldn't remember where anything was and was totally turned around. Eventually we found our way through all of the rain and found a little bakery/cafe to eat a quick sandwich for lunch. We then headed back to Oma's. She met us at the front desk, and happily greeted us. We got our room key, and eventually found our room, or the penthouse suite as we liked to call it. This room was HUGE! We had a little entry area, a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom! It was bigger than Oma's apartment! We honestly could have stayed there forever. We considered it a good deal ;)
Once we were settled in, we headed to Oma's room to chit chat with her. I think she really enjoyed having Sabrina there. She just kept talking and talking. Telling story after story. It was really nice to see her so excited. She was happy to have me this summer, but she wasn't nearly as chatty then. Maybe it was because this time she had just spent the past 2 weeks alone, due to having lots of dizzy spells. But regardless, she was a talking machine. We played a few rounds of rummikub, and then it was about time for Sabrina and me to get going. We had to pick up some groceries and go eat dinner. We picked a few things up from Edeka, and then headed back into town. This time I knew better, and got us around town much easier.
We had a delicious dinner at Deutsches Haus. Man, do they have some amazing food there. And of course I had a Licher beer :)

Sabrina and I headed back to our penthouse, went to the computer room, watched a movie, and passed out!
On Sunday, we got up, got ready, and headed to Oma's room for breakfast. In the middle of breakfast the phone rang. It was my dad! He had landed and was in the taxi on his way to Oma's! I was so excited to see him! He had to leave a few days before I left in October, so we never had a proper goodbye. But now he was coming to Bad Nauheim to spend some time with Oma. After finishing breakfast, we headed to the lobby to wait for dad to come. And within minutes, there he was! It made me giggle. Oma was showing off so much. When she came to the lobby on Saturday to welcome Sabrina and me, she was using a walker. Then when she went to welcome dad, she just had her cane. She was so excited for him to be there, as any mother would be. It had been almost a year since she had seen her son.
All four of us quickly headed back inside to Oma's room. Dad unpacked his bag a little, pulling out all of his goodies for me! There was some cake mix, some vanilla extract, baking chocolates, some Halloween candy, a pair of jeans, my German-English dictionary, and a rape whistle keychain. Oh my mother... Love her.
We all chatted for a bit. Dad got to know Sabrina a little. It was really nice. I was so happy to see him, and for him to meet my best friend (and hopefully newest addition to the family!).
Dad wanted to take a quick nap, so we headed back to the penthouse and created a sims mansion :)
HOURS later, Dad called us wondering if we wanted to quickly head to the cafe upstairs before getting ready for dinner. Of course we wanted to spend time with him! So off to the cafe we went! Dad and Sabrina had some kind of coffee drink, while I had some Apfelschörle (sparkling apple juice). We had a nice chat while we sipped on our drinks. But time went quickly and Sabrina and I raced back to our room to get ready for dinner!

Favorite picture of us EVER! (so far at least)

Sunday night we had a nice dinner. Those in attendance were as follows: Dad, Oma, Sabrina, Willi Rühl (Nadine's dad), Ingrid Rühl (Nadine's mom), Mark, Nadine, Cutie Pie (my niece), baby-#2-in-utero (oh yeah, did I mention I'm going to be an aunty again in May????!!!!), and myself. Nadine and Cutie Pie only stayed about a half hour because both were feeling under the weather. Willi and Ingrid drove Dad and Oma, while Sabrina and I followed in her car. Mark and family met us there. Oma really showed off for dinner. No walker. No cane. Just herself... and my dad's arm :)
It was a very small, very nice restaurant. We were the very first people there. The menu was short, and Sabrina, Dad and I all ordered the same thing, a nice rumpsteak. Mom had sent a few presents for Cutie Pie with Dad, and he brought those to dinner. When Cutie Pie got bored with looking at her mother, father, everyone else at the table, playing with everyone's keys, playing with gloves, and anything else we could think of, we handed them the gifts. Mark helped her open one (the other they saved for home). The sparkly legging caught her attention :) Those lasted a little longer in the attention grabbing department, but not long enough. Soon she was walking (oh my goodness she's WALKING!) all around, munching on some bread, and being totally adorable. After much too short of a time, Nadine decided it was time for her and Cutie Pie to head home. Before they left we took some pictures!!
Mark and I were laughing, which would then distract Cutie Pie, making her turn around and look at us. It was practically impossible to get a picture with her looking in the direction of the camera. Forget smiling.

Closest thing we got to us all smiling and looking at the camera, but a good looking group none the less!

Aunt and niece :)

She's getting so big!
And then they were gone. Well Mark came back. To annoy me and be a big pain in the butt brother :) I can't complain though. I love him to pieces. Wish he was closer. And was a bigger part of my life.
Dad and Sabrina got along great. They sat next to each other. Super cute :)
I think they like each other :)
The food was great. The company was even better. Overall, a wonderful and successful family dinner!
After dinner, we showed Dad the penthouse suite (he was very impressed), went to the computer room, watched a movie, and fell asleep.

Monday morning the plan was to have rolls for breakfast at Oma's, but she had no rolls. So Dad, Sabrina and I walked to the hospital down the road (there is a bakery inside) and picked up some rolls. Then back to Oma's for breakfast. She shooed us out fairly quickly because the cleaning lady was there. But we made sure to say good-bye first. Sabrina and I would not be coming back before heading back home.
Then Dad, Sabrina and I squeezed ourselves into Sabrina's car, and headed into town. We stopped by the apotheke; sadly Till was not there. Then we went on a nice walk. We saw the Sprudelhof.
We saw the salines. We walked through the park. We went to the post office. We (I) bought beer (Licher of course!) at the Kaufhaus. We went back to the apotheke, but Till was still not there. And then we attempted to find a place to eat lunch. All of our favorite places were closed, so we found a new favorite place :)
I had brats with mashed potatoes and a salad. Dad had pretty much the same, and Sabrina had a GIANT baked potato. It was delicious.
Then back to the car we went. We drove back to Oma's and said good-bye to Dad.

And off we were heading back home. Traffic was good. And then it was bad. Bad enough that we were at a pretty much stand still. Bad enough that we could take pictures....

Fun times. We made it safely back to Adelberg, and were there for about an hour before heading back to good old SG. On our way we ONCE AGAIN hit bad traffic. We were ONCE AGAIN at a stand still. So we ONCE AGAIN took pictures :)

 Obviously we made the best of it and had some fun.
Overall it was one of the best weekends EVER. Sabrina agreed. Just what we needed. We will have to do it again soon!

Lots of love from Germany!

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