Sunday, December 9, 2012

22.10-29.10: Dayna's birthday and Bert and Dayna come to Adelberg!

Monday we headed back to SG and started celebrating Dayna's 21st birthday!
We picked up some things for us to grill dinner that night. We got everything together, got all layered up, and headed out to the park to grill up some kabobs and sausages. It was quite the project. The grill thing Sabrina and I had bought wasn't lighting properly so it took way longer to get everything going. But it was fun. We ate some delicious food, spent quality time together, played on the playground, listened to music and huddled around the fire to stay warm. Around 10 (maybe?) we headed back to the Wohnheim where we had some drinks, played card and board games, and when the clock struck midnight lit the candles and sang happy birthday to Dayna in 3 different languages :)

  The cake was soooooo rich and chocolatey. It was good. Just way too much. The white frosting actually helped even out the chocolate a lot, so it all worked out.
We were up until the wee hours of the morning having lots of laughs :) It really was a great time. We discussed Bert and mine's birthdays and how we will celebrate those. Bert turns 22 the day after I turn 21! :) So it will be a fun few days of celebrating as the semester winds down.
On Tuesday Dayna and I decided to go to the lower level language class, which turned out to be perfect for us! The teacher evaluated us and said she will run the class at a B1/B2 level which is perfect! English class was pretty much the same. Kornetta is an interesting teacher and really likes to talk about his shoes.... and show them off by using the tables as a runway.... Enough said.
Wednesday I had my first session of my Familiensozialation class. The professor is really nice. Dayna and I are both taking that class and another international, Bernadette, is in the class too. He told us all we have to do for the class is a presentation in a group, which we already had found (a group that is). So that shouldn't be too difficult.
Wednesday night there was a karaoke party at the school. Sabrina, Dayna and I went and stayed for about 20 minutes before leaving. It wasn't very exciting. Apparently it got better a few hours later, but we were all already asleep by then :)
Thursday, my morning class was cancelled, which we didn't find out until we got there. Oh well. Afterwards Dayna, Sabrina and I went to Lidl (a grocery store) because they had Halloween/American food for sale! There were Halloween shaped chicken nuggets and french fries! It was so fun! We went back to the Wohnheim (dorms) and ate them :) It was delicious! It's amazing how something as simple as an "American meal" of chicken nuggets and french fries can make you so happy when you are far away from home.
Friday I was hoping to start my Praktikum at the other school but the teacher at the other school hadn't contacted Frau Kimmel yet, so back to Hardt Grundschul it was. I had a good (last) day there and almost felt bad for leaving the kiddos there. But I know that the other school will be better for me... or at least I hope so.
Friday afternoon Sabrina and I headed back to Adelberg (as we do every week) and shopped big time! Dayna and Bert were planning on coming Saturday/Sunday so we had to get lots of food. Plus we were having raclette for dinner on Sunday so we had to get all the ingredients for that.
Friday night Sabrina and I made another pinterest recipe! The cheesy, pesto, pull-apart bread you are always seeing floating around the internet? We made it! And it was pretty delicious. Really filling and gave us awful breath, but it was tasty.
When we woke up on Saturday there was snow!!!!!!!

playing in the snow :)
Fireplace keeping us warm and toasty!
 Lots of time was spent in front of the fireplace keeping snug and warm :)
Plus I made nutella fudge (another pinterest recipe! call us butter because we are on a roll!) and my famous brownies! In the later afternoon we went and picked up Dayna from the train station. The three of us had dinner together and headed to bed.
Sunday morning the three of us went out and played in the snowwwwwwww! It was fun :) and kind of cold....

In the afternoon Bert arrived, and not too long after that we started getting everything ready for the raclette dinner. Lots of cheese, meat, and bread. It was yummy.

hehehehe gotcha :)

goof :)
That night we watched Despicable Me, Jeff Dunham and Gabriel Iglesias.
Monday morning we had breakfast, played board/card games, had lunch and headed back to SG.
It was a really fun weekend together :)

Lots of love from Germany!

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