Wednesday, January 9, 2013

10.12-16.12: A sad and rough week with some perks

Class Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday as usual. Thursday night was a rough one. I'll save all the drama for another post.
I spent this week at Sabrina's. I think I went to my dorm room once for a few hours on Tuesday. It was a hard week for both of us. We both had things going on at home. Sabrina's Opa was still in the hospital. It's been really hard for her and the family as a whole. And she was really starting to break under it all. We started looking at different options for New Years. Originally we were going to go to Belgium with Dayna and Bert. But then her international friends from her semester at GV decided to all meet up in Amsterdam for a few days and she wanted me to come with. But as of the beginning of this week she just didn't want to be that far away from home in case anything happened. So we started looking for other options.
We spent a lot of time this week watching funny, uplifting movies. No Grey's. No hospital stuff. Not the right time.
This Friday was the second lesson we were going to have about the Gingerbread man in my second grade class. I somehow was put in charge of planning it all. But with everything swimming around in my head (especially after Thursday) I let go of the reins for it and turned it over to Frau Jung and the others. I just didn't have the brain power or the concentration or the energy. I barely slept Thursday night. I spent most of the time skyping with my family. It was rough.
Friday morning I got up and went to my school. Frau Jung (and the kids too of course) were really happy to see me and almost immediately upon walking into the room I had a smile on my face. It's like the kids somehow knew I needed some cheering up. They were super loving and clingy. Bert wasn't with us again this week because he was already heading home.
We reviewed the gingerbread man vocab. Then we moved on to the activities. There was a song for them to learn. I read the story them again. There was a counting game (with candy) and another activity with different spices. The kids had a lot of fun and time went waaaaaay faster than we thought! We only got through one rotation of the activities. Oh well. Maybe next week!
Sabrina picked me up and we headed to Adelberg. On the way we stopped in Göppingen to do a couple quick errands. We picked up a gift certificate for a massage for Mama Binder's birthday. Then we went in search of a fabric store for me. There were a couple of crafty things I wanted to do. The store was a major bust though. They didn't have much fabric. Oh well. It can wait until I'm back in the states. We stopped at DM and picked up some things we needed. Then we grabbed lunch at the Weihnachtsmarkt. Why can't those be up year round? For reals though. The food is so yummy and cheap and quick to eat! Finally we headed home to Adelberg.
That night I got the devastating news that my mom had to put our cat down. And then about an hour after that I learned about the shooting in Conneticut. There will be a post about that soon.
My baby boy. I miss him so much.

Saturday was a day of respite. Lazy day. Preparing for Sunday.
Sunday was Mama Binder's birthday. So people started arriving not too long after 10 am and stayed until about 4 pm. Sabi's cousins Nico and Tom were there. I got to meet some of her dad's side of the family too. It was a nice day. It makes me wish my family lived closer together. It's practically impossible to get us all together and completely impossible to get together as often as Sabi's family. But it helps that they all live within a half hour of each other...
Monday back we went to SG. Ready to go for the last week of classes before our 2 week Christmas break! Woo hoo!

Lots of love from Germany!

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