Thursday, January 3, 2013

12.11-18.11: Laid back week and an English lesson!

Well this week was pretty much as boring as it gets! There was a party at the PH on Wednesday. Sabrina and I had tickets to go, but by the time Wednesday came neither of us really felt like going anymore. Sabrina needed to work on her thesis. Dayna wasn't going. Bert was going later. My friend Sarah didn't get a ticket in time. I was bummed that everyone that I was hoping to see wasn't going (except for you Anne :) ). So I spent the night in my room, doing homework, watching a movie, just relaxing.
On Friday, Bert and I had our English lesson! We had planned it all out on Wednesday morning, so by Friday we were ready to go! We got to the school, greeted the kids and waited for Frau Jung to get there. Poor thing looked absolutely awful and she felt worse than she looked. She had some kind of stomach bug. She spent the duration of our time there either laying on the couch in the reading corner or running to the bathroom. Sorry if that was too graphic. Poor thing was miserable. For the first lesson she had the kids finish up their weekly activities: math, reading, writing, spelling, etc. Then it was Bert and my turn to teach! Ah! So exciting!
Bert and I had chosen about 10 words to teach the kids. They were simple words: dog, cat, bird, mouse, owl, frog, squirrel, run, sleep, cold. Frau Jung had a squirrel puppet we used to act out some of the words. The kids loved it! They laughed and laughed. After Bert introduced the words, the kids had to say it back to us a few times. Then we would pick a couple of kids to recite the word individually. They were adorable.
After the two of us and introduced and revisited the words a few times each, we moved on to a game to reinforce the words. We had pictures for each word hung up on the board. We had two kids come up to the board, their back to the pictures. We had a kid from the peanut gallery say a word, and the two at the board had to find it. It was fun watching them scramble trying to find the picture that went along with the word. They did way better than I thought they would! They are like crazy little sponges! It was great.
After everyone had a turn, we had them come sit down in "Kinositz" so like theater seating. A row of kids in chairs and a row of kids sitting on carpet squares, this way everyone can see the small board book. We ended up reading the story 2 or 3 times. They loved it :) I loved it. IT WAS AWESOME! Honestly. After today, I know teaching is 100% what I want to do. I love it.
Sabrina and I usually head to Adelberg after my internship on Fridays, but this week was different. Sabrina was taking a CPR/first aid class Friday and Saturday so we didn't get to go home until Saturday afternoon. I spent Friday afternoon and Saturday morning cleaning, putting some finishing touches on the decor (not that I'll ever be done....). I was getting the room ready for Bert to use that weekend. He had a friend visiting and needed to borrow my room that weekend and possibly a little into the week.
My room was finally up to the standards of me taking pictures.

 That's all from that week!

Lots of love from Germany!!!

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