Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm here!

I have been waiting for today for months. I've been counting down every last month, day, hour, minute. Today I traveled to Germany for the seventh time. I am here for 2 months. That's two long months away from home, but 2 months in my other home. I have been away from my loved one for only hours, but I miss them dearly.
I am staying with two older college students, Janine and Anja. The apartment is small, but cozy. I will be sure to take some pictures soon! They have been great and very welcoming. They made muffins and cakes for me. I have to make sure I get a picture of those too! There is even a sign with a piece of candy for every day I am here. How sweet! I think we will get along well.
We flew from Grand Rapids to Newark and then from there to Stuttgart. The first flight was uneventful. I sat next to Professor Anderson on that flight. We talked about a lot of things, in german and english. It's hard to just switch my brain over from speaking all english to speaking all german. We'll see how that goes :) After the short flight to Newark, Angela and I went and found food in the airport because we had an hour until we needed to board the next plane. We had our last tastes of American food, and headed back to the gate thinking we had plenty of time. But no, as we are walking we here them give the last call for boarding for our plane! WHAT?!?!? Crazies boarded our plane early or something. My carry-on bag ended up getting checked again which was fine by me. I had a window seat for that flight, and I was sitting next to one of the other kids in the program, Dustin. Our flight to Newark had been his first time on an airplane. Such a big trip for someone's first time! Anyway, I watched some movies, ate airplane food (not the best....), slept and watched more movies. Angela and Jason were behind me, too bad all three of us weren't together. That would have been fun :)
Once in Stuttgart we grabbed our bags and hopped on a train and then switched to another train. We had to haul our bags up and down stairs and all over. I kinda regretted packing soooo much! On our second train ride to Schwäbisch Gmünd, Ang, Jason and I sat together. Gosh are those kids funny. Jason was talking about how he noticed there were different models of cars here but we don't have them in the USA. And when I didn't seem to get excited he yelled at me saying, "Katy Jo Peters, get excited right now!" I hope there will be plenty more moments like that this summer. We are pretty sure we will be great at taking pictures on a moving train after this summer hahaha :)
Then we all waited at the train station for our families to come and pick us up. Jason was the first to go. We made jokes after he left, that we were each going to be taken away, one by one. It was hysterical. Then Janine and Anja came to get me and Angela got picked up by her host too!
So now I am sitting in my room, dreading the unpacking process. I keep falling asleep too, which is bad for my jet lag. I just gotta stay up kinda late tonight though. I think Jason is going to try and get us to meet up to get a beer. That would be nice. All day I kept saying, "I could go for a beer now" even though it was 10 am in Germany hahaha.
Well I'll be sure to upload a few pictures later. Oh and my next post will be a little bit about my stay with Alycia, Chase and Ana last week :)

Lots of love from Germany!

Katy Jo

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