Friday, May 25, 2012

Tuesday 22.05

I met Sabrina back at library at 12 today to keep her company while she was scanning more books. I attempted to do some homework while she scanned away. Then I had class from 2-4 and 4-6. Instead of our normal class from 2-4 we watched a lady give a presentation. She is one of a few candidates trying to get a position at the PH. Our professor wanted our opinion on her and how her English was and etc. in the end we didn't really like her too much, the German students more than us. Then we had our Berlin class with Anderson from 4-6. After that we had a cooking night where we learned to make käsespäztle. who was in charge of the whole thing? Sabrina :) so I got to spend the evening with her. Well sorta. We were in groups of 3 or 4. Becky and I were together along with a student who is going to GV in the fall! It was fun and we learned how to make one of our favorite meals! Reunion dinners are going to be awesome!
After dinner most of the group went to a party in the student dorms. Becky, nick, Sabrina and I went to marktplatz and had ice cream. We had fun just being silly and talking to each other.
On the way home nick, Sabrina and I belted out defying gravity from wicked. Singing in the car together is becoming our thing :)

Happy: singing in the car with Sabrina and Nick :)
Crappy: the presentation given was somewhat over our heads...

Lots of love from Germany!!

Katy Jo

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