Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Let's play catch up! Wednesday 23.05: Day 18

Today we had class from 12-2 with Professor Anderson. Nothing special there. My plans afterwards was to go home, do homework and then go have dinner with Sabrina. Well that didn't exactly happen.
After class the rest of the group decided they wanted to go into town and try this burger place they had found. They didn't want to take the bus, instead they wanted to walk the whole way there (about a 30 minute walk). Angela wasn't feeling good and realized she wouldn't make it to Marktplatz by foot, or even by bus. She had no way of getting into her apartment because Annika had the keys. So I offered for her to come home with me, rest up, have some water and a little something to eat. So that's what we did. She took a nap, had some water, and some bread. I did some laundry, in preparation for our week long trip to Berlin, and attempted to do homework. In no time at all, it was time to meet Sabrina at the PH. Ang ended up coming with us because Annika was still in class.
The three of us went to the supermarket down the street and so we could pick up some things for dinner. We went home, made dinner (salad and pasta) and ate. Angela was originally just staying until Annika was done with class and then meet her at the PH for a grill night that was being put on by one of the departments, but then it rained. And then Annika told Ang it wasn't worth her coming, so in the end Angela ended up spending her evening with us! It was kind of nice. And instead of any of us getting any homework done as we had hoped, we sat in Sabrina's room going through my iTunes. I was somewhat surprised by how many of the current popular songs Sabrina knew and how many of the songs from my childhood she knew. I thought maybe it took a little longer for popular music at home become popular here, but no. I was wrong :) We didn't call it a night until after 2 am! I promised Angela that I would make sure she got up on time to make it to the train station the next day :)

Happy: revisiting my childhood through my music
Crappy: not being as productive as I wanted...

Lots of love from Germany!!

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