Thursday, June 14, 2012

Saturday 26.05

Today we headed to Würtzburg for two days. Our train left in the morning and it was about a 3 hour trip. Poor Katy See couldn't find her Eurail pass and had to take a different train, so she got there much later than us. On the train I worked on some journal entries and had a little chat with Anderson about some things.
When we got to Würtzburg we went straight to the hostel to check in and settle in a little. There were two girls rooms, so we split it 5 and 3, so Sara, Becky, Courtney, Vanessa and I were in one room while Angela, Danielle and Katy were in the other. The boys also had two rooms, one one person room and the other had the 6 others.
Once we were settled in and a little freshened up, we went out to explore the town. There was a wine festival going on in the center of the town. We stopped to grab a bite to eat and have a class of wine. One the menu there was something called an "Erdbeerbowle" and in the description said it was made with fresh strawberries. We assumed it was a bowl of strawberries. So most of us ordered that and a glass of wine. We were wrong.

Yes we were wrong, but man oh man was it good! I ended up getting a bratwurst too because I hadn't eaten much at all so far that day, and I decided that two glasses of wine on an empty stomach wasn't a great idea.
Two glasses of wine made us all a little silly...

Even Bully...

We headed back to the hostel for dinner. We had about an hour before dinner so Sara, Vanessa and I took a nap. We set an alarm and everything. But we ended up sleeping through dinner. Whoops!
After our nap, Anderson took a group of us up to a castle. It was quite a hike, but gave us some wonderful views!

At the top we stopped and grabbed a beer/glass of wine. It was really nice. The sun was just starting to set. It was super relaxing and gorgeous.

On the way down Sara, Dustin, Bully and I had fun taking pictures :)

Fake fighting. Don't worry. It's normal for them...

She totally won

Second family photo

Bully enjoying the scenery

Jason and I

We all headed back out to the Weindorf to meet up with Angela, Katy and Danielle. We were swarmed by a bride-to-be and her bridesmaids. If you gave her like 50 cents or something you could draw a piece of paper out a bag and get a prize. There were all sorts of prizes, from teeny-tiny bottles or liquor, to condoms, to onions, to a dance with the bride-to-be!
Thomas dancing with the bride-to-be

We had some more wine at the Weindorf and Becky and I got crepes :)
The whole group came together again at a bar, but not for too long. We each had a beer and then left to go back to the hostel. It had been a really stinking long day. At the hostel we sat in the lobby for a bit and connected to the wifi. I crashed hard that night and slept like a baby :)

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