Monday, June 18, 2012

Thursday 14.06

Today was a free day for all of us. 4 of the girls had spent the night in Stuttgart for the game, and a little over half the group was going to meet up with them in Stuttgart. I didn't feel like going into town. Too much stress. So I decided to go to the Freibad (pool) with some of the others. We got to the pool around 2.
The pool is super big and nice. There was a big twisty slide, but there weren't enough people to have it up and running. Then there was a big semi-shallow pool that had a lazy river attached to it. We played tag in the lazy river for almost 2 hours. How does one play tag in a continuous, basically oval shaped lazy river? Well you would be surprised. It was fun, fun and more fun :) We took a little break from the pool and went inside for a while.
We ate some ice cream, chips and candy while watching this crazy show called Daisy of Love. It was so awful it was funny and addicting! We watched 2 episodes. During the first episode Sabrina got done with class and headed over to the pool to join us. Then we all watched the second one together. It is a ridiculous show and makes me kind of ashamed to say I am American, but it is strangely amusing...
Thomas, Evan, and Sara left after we finished watching Daisy of Love, and Nick and Dustin had to go eat dinner. This left just Sabrina and myself to go back to the pool, which we did. Eventually Nick and Dustin came to join us. We got out of the pool around 9 pm. We had so much fun. I never would have thought a lazy river could be so much fun, but it was. It was the entertainment of the day!
We went back inside where Nick attempted to fix Sabrina's rolled ankle and remember the pain I had in my foot in Berlin? Well it came back today while swimming. So he tried to fix that too. We ended up staying until after 10, ending our time at the Freibad with Nick showing us his killer dance moves. It was awesome :)
I went home and fell asleep way too early. I really needed to stay up to study and work on my journals....

Lots of love from Germany!!

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