Monday, June 18, 2012

Friday 08.06

Today Sabrina and I actually got up at a decent time, got ready, had breakfast, and headed out. We stopped at the bakery in town to grab some food for lunch, a few pretzels and some sweet pastries. Then we hit the road to go to Neuschwanstein. I made a CD before we left of some of my favorite songs, and some of Sabrina's too. It was fun. We sang our little hearts out. When that CD was over, we switched to Wicked, Sabrina's absolute favorite, and one of my favorites too. We got to what we thought was a good place to park, but it ended up being way too far away from the castle. So we kept driving. We may or may not have ended up in Austria :)

Eventually we found our way back and drove all the way up to castle and paid the 5 euros for parking.
We had to wait in line to get tickets and ended up with a German tour. I didn't mind. It would be good for me. The tour wasn't for another few hours so we took our time walking around.
 We walked up to a smaller castle, Hohenschwangau.
There was a nice little chapel near this castle where I lit yet another candle. I just can't help myself when it comes to lighting candles in churches. I just love it :)

We of course had to document the two of us with the castle in the background.

From Hohenschwangau we walked to the lake, before starting our climb up to Neuschwanstein.
 It was so peaceful. Well except for all the people who continuously asked us to take their pictures. Correction they asked Sabrina to take their picture. It was weird.
Then we started the climb. Oh man. It was long and steep and long. Did I mention it was long? There were lots of people. And some rain. Some horse-drawn carriages, leaving poop trails. But there were some great views.

Soon I could see part of the castle! We were getting close!
By the time we were at the castle, we still had over an hour until our tour, so we kept walking. There was a bridge which gave us a great view of the back of the castle. The front was all under scaffolding, much like the Gedenkniskirche in Berlin which was a bummer.
Thankfully the back was still open and beautiful. The bridge we had to stand on made me super nervous. The boards would bend as people piled on. Then it started to pour, and it cleared out just so Sabrina and I could catch a few pictures :)
 You can already see how wet we were after just a few minutes in the rain! Well that rain didn't really let up for the next hour. We sat under some shelter and ate our pretzels and pastries, waiting for our tour to start.
I have no pictures from inside because we weren't allowed to use our cameras, which didn't stop some drunk German jerks. Honestly. They were complete fools. Sabrina and I both agreed.
Down in the gift shop I found some of Bully's family! :)
I also found the perfect place for Bully and family to live :)

After the tour was over, Sabrina and I headed back home. When we got home we ordered pizza, which I got all over myself. I'm the reason we don't have nice things, I know. After we ate our pizza, we curled up to watch Big Bang Theory and eat our banana treats! They were soooooooo good! We'll have to make more soon!

Happy: finally seeing my castle :)
Crappy: all the rain!

Lots of love from Germany!!

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