Monday, June 18, 2012

Wedensday 13.06

Today I didn't wake up until almost 10 am! That's crazy! I slept for almost 12 hours ( I woke up for an hour during the night). We had a special class with Kornetta today from 12-14.
We met in his office and talked about what we liked and didn't like about the Let's Get Together and Talk course. We just wish we had had more time with the Germans. We all feel like we didn't get to know any of them until closer to the end of the trip.
After our discussion, Kornetta wanted us to all go to REWE, a supermarket, and go to the bakery attached to it, to show off our German skills. We all ordered something, and once we were done eating, we headed back to the PH. There we met up with Anderson to talk about the grillfest on Friday and what we wanted to do the next day. Sabrina met me there because her next class was nearby.
From there some people left to do whatever. Some of us stayed (per choice) and had a short grammar class with Anderson. We worked with the verb werden. It was really helpful. Afterwards I got a muffin in the Mensa. Then I headed home. Sabrina and her roommate Nina were meeting a girl who is interested in moving in when their roommate moves out. So I ate dinner at my apartment and then headed to Sabrina's for homework time, which turned into skype with my parents time.
I went home early again, like before midnight. And I was knocked out before midnight. Why do I need so much stinking sleep????

Lots of love from Germany!!

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