Friday, June 15, 2012

Sunday 27.05

Today we took a group trip to the pool! (well Thomas stayed behind, but otherwise it was a group trip!) To get there we had to take a boat tour, which was kind of fun. Kinda boring too. But hey, it got us where we wanted to go so I won't complain!
As soon as we got off the boat we saw an ice cream stand so we had to stop there first. Then we started asking people for directions to the pool. I think we asked like 5 different people over the course of a 30 minute walk. By the time we got there we weren't sure it was going to be worth the long treacherous walk we just endured.
Oh boy was it worth it! I wish we had taken pictures at the pool! Man it was so much fun! There was a shallow "kid pool" where we spent most of our time. There was this awesome slide. It was like 6 people wide and was at about a 45 degree angle, but there were bumps in the slide. We went down that thing like 100 times each! We just kept going and going and going and going! There was one kid who would go down on his knees and when he hit the water he would just skid across the surface for like 6 feet or more! It was sick! None of us could do it  no matter how hard we tried :(
There was another slide that was all twisty and curvy. That was fun but not as much fun as the other one. The twisty curvy one didn't go very fast and was anti-climactic. Boo...
There was also a 50 meter lap area, and a diving well with 5 different board/platform heights! The boys were going crazy on them! They even went on the highest one! Danielle and Sara had the guts to go up there and do it too! I was so proud of them! There were a bunch of guys, ages mid twenties to mid thirties who were showing off on the boards. They were hysterical. They did swan dives and belly flops. It looked like it hurt!
All in all I think we spent like 4 hours there, having one of the best days on the whole trip, in my opinion. A few of us walked away super sunburnt (Sara, Katy and myself). On the walk back we stopped at the same ice cream place and got more ice cream :) It's one of the largest parts of our diets :)
When we got back to the hostel we had dinner which was delicious. They served it buffet style and there were so many different things to choose from. I'm sad I slept through it the day before!
After dinner Becky and I sat in the lobby on the internet doing homework and talking to family/friends. Her mom said the Indy 500 was one, so I went to their website and found a live stream of the race! We got to listen to it, and not see it but at least we could hear it! We came in somewhere around lap 150 or so and listened to the whole thing. What a crazy race it was! Man oh man!
After the race Becky and some others went back to the Weindorf. I stayed in the lobby until my phone and my computer were both dead and then went to bed! I wish I had pictures of today but I don't. Oh well. The plethora of pictures from yesterday should make up for it at least a little.  :)

Happy: playing at the pool!!! :D
Crappy: getting super sunburnt!

Lots of love from Germany!

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