Monday, June 18, 2012

Wednesday 06.06

Today we had class from 12-14 but instead of our usual Berlin class, Frau Becker came in to talk to us about cultural differences. We did a fun activity where the class was split into two different groups, each group being representatives from a different country. We were given background information about our country and our relationship with the other country. We were given information on our customs, traditions and things that were important to us. From there we had to decide how to handle the situation at hand. When the two groups came together, you could really tell the differences. It was cool, and hilarious. I love this group. We have so much fun together. We know how to laugh, that's for sure. We talked a little more about some differences we have noticed between Americans and Germans, and before we knew it class was over.
I got to see Sabrina between classes because her next class was in the room mine was just in! :)
After that I grabbed a bite to eat in the Mensa, and then went home to pack for my weekend at home with Sabrina. I watched some Big Bang Theory while packing.
Around 4:30 Sabrina picked me up, and we headed to Adelberg. On the way we stopped and picked up some bananas and chocolate for a treat we were making.
We got to her house a little after 5. I met her mom and dad, both are super dee duper nice. We had dinner soon there after. Sabrina and I made some spaghetti for dinner. After dinner we curled up in bed and watched The Princess and the Frog. I hadn't seen it before, and boy was I missing out! Great movie.
Not a too exciting day, but still fun :)

Happy: pretty much the whole day, I don't have any complaints today :)
Crappy: nothing really. maybe unpacking just to repack, but that just means I'm busy :)

Lots of love from Germany!!

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