Monday, June 18, 2012

Saturday 09.06

Sabi and I slept in today. It was nice. When we woke up, her cousin Nico was here. Well he had actually just left with Sabrina's mom to go shopping. By the time they got back we were up and eating breakfast. We got ready for the day, and went out to the living room to play games with Nico. He's 8 and really stinking adorable and funny. We played a matching game, which he kicked our butts in. Then we played another matching type game. He kicked our butts again. Then we played monopoly. I don't really know who won that. But probably Nico. He's good, let me tell you. It was fun. Sabrina made him explain each game to me in German, and I understood it all. Today was all German all the time. After the games, we had lunch which was chili and rice. Yum!
After lunch we all packed into the car and headed to Stuttgart to get Sabrina a new laptop! Hurray! She got a Mac book pro. Then we went to C&A and got me a new belt because my old one broke.
Then we all headed back home. Once we were home, Sabrina and I got her new laptop up and running! Woo hoo! She was so stinking excited. Eventually Nico went home, and the 4 of us (Sabrina, her parents and myself) sat down to a nice simple dinner of bread and meat and salad.
After dinner Sabrina and I watched Beauty and the Beast and went to bed.

Happy: playing games with Nico and getting Sabrina's new computer
Crappy: nothing...

Lots of love from Germany!!

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