Monday, June 18, 2012

Thursday 07.06

Today was a lazy day at home with Sabrina. It was a holiday here in Germany so nothing was open and there wasn't much to do other than be lazy! :) We slept in, which felt wonderful and had breakfast. Then we just sat around doing homework and such. I worked on journals, she proof-read a paper for a friend. We had a simple lunch and later in the afternoon we all went on a walk around the town. Adelberg is small. There is one bakery which has some grocery items in it. Otherwise there isn't really a grocery store. There is one elementary school. It is one small building. I can't wait to bring Sabrina to Palatine to show her everything there. The entire size of her town is probably the size the PHS. In Adelberg there is a monastery. It is small but really pretty. We walked around on a trail. We stopped inside a church. As we walked back towards the house, there was a festival type thing. We picked up a couple pieces of cake to eat once we got back to the house.
Not too long after that we had dinner. Sabrina's parents grilled. Yum. We had chicken and wurst and potato salad and bread with yummy garlic butter. I was a happy camper. A very full happy camper.
After dinner we made our yummy banana treats! We cut up bananas and covered them in chocolate, white and milk! Once they were covered we popped them in the freezer. We can't eat them until tomorrow, but we did eat the leftover melted chocolate :)
We went to bed kind of early because we had to get up a little earlier the next day to go to Neuschwanstein!

Happy: good food, being lazy, great company
Crappy: NoThInG! Loving life :)

Lots of love from Germany!

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