Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thursday 24.05: Day 19

Today we took a trip to the Limesmuseum in Aalen. It is a museum built on the ruins of a Roman empire. There are lots of artifacts and things. Not really my scene.... When we walked in the first thing we all noticed was the dress up area. The second thing we noticed was that we were about triple the age of everyone else visiting this museum...
Most of us didn't really care about anything in the museum. Once we found the interactive part of the museum, we were golden! There was checkers, a puzzle and a little doll house type thing with roman soldiers! We might have had too much fun...

 I know. You're jealous right? We had such a good time. Especially with the Roman dollhouse. Oh man.
Take the above figure for example. He wasn't merely a toy whose feet got broken off (we think we found them glued onto the balcony of the "dollhouse"), he was a soldier who had broken the law. And his punishment was having his feet cut off. That's how they punished people, by cutting off  their feet.
There was a serious lack of weaponry for the poor soldiers. They held their hands in such a way that they were prepared for any kind of weapon whether it be a sword, a stick, or even a sucker. Thank goodness Sara had suckers with her. I don't know what the soldiers would have done without such amazing weapons!

Once we stopped laughing long enough to catch our breath, we said goodbye to the toys and continued through the museum. Sara, Dustin and I made it fairly far before falling into hysterics yet again.
This was the culprit of our next laugh attack. First the horse must have been a rare breed of rectangle horse. Nothing else can explain such a shape. Then the shape of the man's head. Who knew Romans had such pointy heads! And look at his feet or should I say lack there of! His socks are limp and dangle off the horse. Obviously this man had been punished and had his feet cut off, just like the figurine from before. Even the horse has no feet. What a naughty horse!
From there we walked through the gift shop. What did we find there? Figurines, exactly like those we had played with before, for sale for a whole 3.80 euros! Dustin gave Sara a donation towards our new friend and he became ours! Our new friend Bully. What a sweet soul he is.
Then on our way out we stopped in the dress up area and it wasn't completely swarming with small children. We gave ourselves the chance to play again and become ancient Romans!

 From there we had a "picnic" lunch at a park area. Sara and Dustin brought this awesome cake thing. YUMMMMMMMMMM. Angela and I had bought some sandwich makings the day before so we were set. There was this one thing to play on by where we were having our picnic. I didn't dare try it. I would have killed myself somehow, but that didn't stop some of the others.
Sara and I sat and watched everyone else playing on that... thing. And she pulled out her Roman soldier that she bought earlier. We decided to name him Bully Roman. He is actually our child.
Well then Bully had a little photo session.

Then things started to get a little silly... again.
I had brought some Jumpys with me. They are kangaroo shaped chip/cracker/things. They are delicious. Well they are the perfect size for Bully to start practicing his skills.

I still can't look at these pictures without dying of laughter.
Afterwards we headed back to SG and then I headed to Sabrina's for dinner again. We had salad and french fries. Ha. To me it is just an odd combination. But it was delicious none the less. We did homework and then I went home and went to bed. It's weird. I saw Sabrina every day for the past week. And now I won't see her for like 11 days. I know it's pathetic. But my time here is limited. My time with her is limited.

Happy: the birth of BULLY!
Crappy: leaving Sabrina for 11 days...

Lots of love from Germany!

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