Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pre-Germany fun

So last Friday I moved out of my apartment and shoved pretty much everything I own into my storage room with the help of the lovely Brian Carter :) My storage room is 5 ft x 5 ft and my stuff fits, with very little room to spare hahaha.
 After a relaxing weekend at home spending time shopping with the bff Ilana and eating wonderful home cooked meals, I headed back to Michigan Monday morning to work. Due to my homelessness for the week, Alycia oh so kindly took me in! :) Thank goodness for her! In return for her generosity and opening her home to me, I made dinner every night. We had chicken and pasta and pancakes and grilled cheese. Getting to spend a week with Alycia, Chase and Little Miss was the best part of this trip so far.  I really really appreciate every dear :) I got to spend time with Leesh and Chase and this cutie

I'm sad I'll miss watching her grow for two months. Little Miss, you are going to be so big when I get back. I have an adorable video from Friday that I will put up if I can get it to upload.

Here are pictures of the apartment I am staying in here in Schwäbisch Gmünd.
My welcome muffins :)

A piece of candy for each day I am here... Doesn't look like very many!
The bedroom I am staying in

Hallway. On the left is Anja's room. To the right is the bathroom. Ahead on the right is the kitchen. Ahead on the left is the living room. Behind me is my room.


The living room/eating area/Janine's room while I am here

Time for me to get some shut-eye!
Lots of love from Germany!

Katy Jo

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