Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday 13.05: Day 8

Today we went to München. Ang spent the night just to make sure she got up on time. I got up earlier than her (surprise surprise) and got ready and woke her up. We got ready and headed to the bus stop to realize we had missed the ONE bus that came that hour. Duh it was Sunday. So I quickly called Anja who thankfully was able to take us to the train station. We grabbed croissants for breakfast and got on the train. On the first train we almost got left behind Anderson. On the second train Jason fell asleep in an uncomfortable position. On the third train I served everyone lunch.
Finally we were in München. We stopped at our youth hostel to drop our stuff off and from there split up into groups. One group went to an art museum, Becky went to the Olympic stadium, and then the group I was with went to Nymphenburg Schloss.
We walked through the Hirschgarten in an attempt to find the palace. We had a great time just there!

Eventually we made it through Hirschgarten and found the palace. It was drop dead beautiful, just like everything else in this country.

After the palace, we went back to Hirschgarten and had some beer, french fries, pretzels, and crepes.

Eventually we headed back to the hostel for dinner, which was some weird looking meat, french fries and yogurt. I just had the french fries and yogurt. I had just had a crepe at the garten not too long ago. From there we went to Hofbrauhaus for some good beer.
Evan being silly during dinner at the hostel



Deciding to chug

Chugging their beer
The night ended with a handful of drunk Americans walking back to the hostel and a group of them getting lost for about 3 hours us all getting home safely... at some point in the night...  But it was a great day!

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