Friday, May 25, 2012

Saturday 19.05

Today there was an option of going to Heidelberg. The main thing I wanted to do was see the castle. The train ride was about an hour and a half to two hours. Not bad. Gotta love how accessible everything is from Germany.
There were 8 of us on this day trip along with the Stablers. Elle was super excited to see me. As we were switching trains she asked "mom can I sit next to my babysitter this time?" Thomas and I kept her giggling the whole way there. The walk to the castle was... Rough to say the least. To get to castle from the train station we had to take a bus. Jam packed does not even begin to describe it. We were packed in there tighter than a can of sardines. We were all falling into each other and ended up touching each other and such. It was semi awkward but at the same time, we are like a family already so it's kinda ok. Then once we were at the castle we had like a 10 minute hike up a huuuuuuge hill. I get that the hill is like a line of defense but seriously. If I was about to charge that castle I would get less than halfway up and just turn back around.
We were lucky and had Evan with us today so we had our own personal tour guide. He explained areas and functions of things.



In all honesty I wasn't really impressed. I don't know why I feel so let down by the castle. Yes it was pretty there. But it wasn't the princess kind of castle I've been waiting to see.
When we had decided had seen all we wanted to see of the castle we headed to marktplatz (in Heidelberg) sight the 50 euros anderson gave us. Courtney, Vanessa and I bought lunch for the group from a grocery store. We got bread from the backers next door. Two nice sized loaves of bread cost under 3 euros! It was awesome.
We all sat at the fountain and ate lunch. We had a crazy range if conversation as usual. Never a dull moment with our group. Hahaha
All through marktplatz were souvenir stands set up. So we of course had to look around! I think almost everyone bought at least one thing. Then we got eis with the extra money from lunch. From there we decided that we were ready to head back home. Once we were home we headed to marktplatz and sat at m7. Becky, Vanessa and Courtney went to Vanessa's house for a while leaving me with Jason, Evan and nick. We once again had some interesting conversations that I will not repeat. More of the group met us there and they went out to a bar. I decided that was my cue to leave.

Happy: our crazyyyyyy conversations :)
Crappy: Kinda disappointed with the castle, but I know I'll see one eventually!

Lots of love from Germany!

Katy Jo

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