Friday, May 25, 2012

Tuesday 15.05

Today was a normal kind of day.
My body has decided that sleeping in is not necessary. I am waking up on my own before 7 am. We will see how long it lasts and if I can bring this new habit through customs with me or not!
Tuesday we had class from 8:30-12, 2-4, and 4-6. To say we were busy is an understatement. We were tired too. The early class is our german language course. The second is called "Let's get together and talk!" It is a class where English is normally spoken. It has international students and german students, now us too! The last class was the Berlin course Anderson is teaching to us.
During the two hour break between classes, I met Sabrina for lunch. I had to catch her up on the crazy happenings of the weekend even though I had been texting her the whole time... I'm pretty sure she thinks our group is crazy, but we honestly are crazy. It makes it all the more fun.
After class I needed to go to city center to put more minutes on my phone. A couple of the guys (Jason, Krzysztof, Kyle and Dustin) joined me. They ended up buying beer because here that is legal along with drinking it in the streets! To them this is amusing so I just went along with it.
We all went home way earlier than we thought. There was nothing open and not much to do. While waiting for the bus I saw Anderson and Thomas.
Not too exciting but that's okay. I still had a good time :)

I really feel like doing happy crappy every day at the end of the post. Just a heads up. That's what is happening

Happy: Had a great lunch Sabrina (she even paid for me!) and got to catch up with her :)
Crappy: Having such a long day of classes!

Lots of love from Germany!

Katy Jo

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