Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday 17.05

Hiking hiking hiking.
Today there was an option of going hiking. The whole week I had been telling Anderson that I would go if Molly and Scott (the american professor and his wife) didn't need me to babysit their daughter Elle. And that is exactly what I did.
But of course it couldn't go smoothly. No. That would just be toooooooooo easy!
First I wasn't exactly sure where the stop was. I just knew the word Hirsch was part of the name of the stop. The bus I was on must have been the single bus without a way of knowing what stop was next. I really should have done more research but with it being a holiday I had to make sure I got on the right bus and everything.
Well moral of the story is I got off at the wrong stop. Like 5 stops too early. Maybe more. Really not good. Plus it was a holiday so the buses only ran every hour! UGH! I called Scott and he told me to follow a bike path. So with those directions and the signs pointing me towards Bargau, I did eventually make it exactly where I needed to be. I was really proud of myself for finding it. And it was a really gorgeous day, in a gorgeous area and it felt great!
I got to the Stabler house safe and sound. Elle and I were goofing around before her parents left and she fell bumping her nose kind of hard on the floor. That on top of the fact that she didn't know me all too well didn't make Elle too excited for her parents to leave. I had a secret weapon with me though, the movie Enchanted! We rolled the blinds down and turned the lights off, turning the living room into a movie theater. It worked like a charm! She was fine afterwards. We took some pictures with my computer.

Then we played some games that help her learn german and had dinner. After that we played with her Barbies.
I met Molly and Scott at the bus stop around 7 and headed home! It was nice to spend some time with a kid and the bonus was I made some money!

Happy: spending some time being a kid with a kid :)
Crappy: getting off at the wrong bus stop, I just felt really bad for getting it wrong even though it was me that had to walk 2km.

Lots of love from Germany!

Katy Jo

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