Friday, May 25, 2012

Wednesday 16.05

Class and a movie. Sounds like a good day right? Well it was!
We had our Berlin class from 12-2 and then a presentation about the german education system until 3. To be honest, the more time I spend here with all these lovely mostly girls people who want to be teachers, the more I realize how much I want to be a teacher. And after being here for another week, I am really thinking I might switch majors.
After the presentation about the education system,which I found interesting and others found extremely pointless and boring I headed home to get ready to go to the movies with Sabrina.
I met her and Nick and we drove downtown with Nick a cell phone. We walked all around Marktplatz trying to find the best deal available. He did, in the end, find a phone, for a good price and we could get it activated right then and there!
From there Sabrina and I went to our movie, 21 Jump Street. First we had to find the stinking theater. Not the easiest task in the world. And of course it is bright and sunny out yet raining. What the heck? I couldn't even find a rainbow! Eventually Sabrina's amazing directional skills led us to the theater.
The movie was hi-lar-i-ous! Even with it being in german I understood a decent portion of the jokes, not to mention Sabrina constantly pushing the popcorn in my face trying to convince me to eat more. Don't worry Mom and Dad, Sabrina will make sure I'm eating enough ;)
We really had a great time and planned on going to the zoo together on Friday! Super exciting. I made sure to throw away the extra popcorn when I got home because Sabrina was sick. I didn't need her germs incubating on the popcorn and having me ingest those nasty germs and getting  deathly ill the flu.
I'm so lame, not having any pictures. But that is what happens when you are crazy busy and also a student and not just a tourist.

Happy: super funny and fun movie with Sabrina, plus the infection festering popcorn being shoved in my face more that 387842439 times.
Crappy: I guess either the normal "class was boring", or that I need to start attempting to plan my life out... again...

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