Friday, May 25, 2012

Sunday 20.05

Today was a lazy day for me. I did some homework. Slept in. Cleaned my room. Did some laundry. And then Sabrina came over. We had a heart to heart. Made some chocolate chip muffins and watched despicable me, which is now our movie :) the muffins took wayyyyyy longer than we expected. Like 10 extra minutes. Thankfully we had our movie to keep us distracted from our rumbling tummies. We ate our muffins finished our movie and had another heart to heart. We talked about the possibility of me going home with her over Our next long weekend. She said she would take me to Neuschwanstein.  She also said she would take me to this big amusement park!
Sabrina staid way longer than she should have because she had to drive back to her parents house that night, which is a half hour away.
Goodness gracious I love that girl. She just makes me smile. I'm so blessed to have found her.

Happy: Getting to know Sabrina better
Crappy: our muffins took soooo stinking longggggg

Lots of love from Germay!

Katy Jo :)

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